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Northern Art Carbooty is our major event which happens annually in the heart of Ancoats…. see you in 2015 for another NAC belter! 

And keep your eyes on the tumblr site for the final Carbooty event of the year to set its date back in Salford at Islington Mill, we are thinking Spooky Carbooty…. ;0 

Right that is it folks - the full line up on tumblr! And here is the map so you can find your way here! See you all on Sunday Northern Art Carbooty lovers ;)

Northern Art Carbooty Seller: Monty

Selling: Using the Standard trestle table provided to Monty by the Carbooty girls, Monty will be making model trestle tables come sculptures/ dolls house furniture - take a away a little bit of your own carbooty set ;)

Price range: £5 - £15

For more information about Monty check out what he is up to at TOAST,

Northern Art carbooty performer: Jonny Dub

Performing: Live in the Hanger at 1 Primrose Streets, Jonny Dub (from Hoya Hoya) will be playing Carbootiful tunes for all from 12-2.30pm - playing everything from soul and hip hop to electronic, oh we do love our Jonny Dub ;)

For more info on Jonny Dub check out:

or or even


Northern Art Carbooty Seller: Love from the Streets

Selling: A variety of hot tasty treats from burgers and BBQ chicken and Hot Dogs to pulled pork, veggie options, carribean treats and much more!

About Love from the Streets:

'Love From The Streets is a popup street kitchen where local & fresh are not just trendy buzz words. We share our love of food from around the world and enjoy meeting fellow food lovers out on the street.'

For more information check out:



Northern Art Carbooty Seller / Maker: Naomi Kashiwagi

Selling/ Making: Origami Paper Sculptures, Origami Fragment Badges and Prints. See the specially made squirrel series  ‘From the oak tree / Kashiwagi yori’ At this Sunday’s Northern Art Carbooty!

Price range: £1 - £50 

For more info: Naomi will making everything for Northern Art Carbooty in her studio from Friday 15th August. More details, photos, insights into the process of making will be regularly documented on her website:

or follow on @naomikashiwagi

Northern Art Carbooty Seller: Sarah Gee (with a little help from Braidee!)

Selling: Cakes, treats and lots of delicious tasty things to put in your belly!

Price range: £1 - £3 

Follow Sarah Gee’s baking prep at


Northern Art Carbooty Seller: Luke McConkey

Selling: original paintings and limited edition prints with varying subjects and styles - something for everyone!
Price range: £5 - £50 

For more info check out:

Northern Art Carbooty Seller: Studio 404 (Karl Doran)

Selling: ‘I sell up-cycled charity shop art with added characters, limited edition art prints, screen-printed t-shirts, postcards, stickers, and assorts of other weird drawings I’ve done’.

Price range: £1 - £45

For more info: check out and

And follow on @KDDoran or check out his FB page - Studio 404 - The Work of Karl Doran

Northern Art Carbooty Seller: peeandell 

Selling: A variety of illustrative prints 

Price range: £5 - £15 

For more information check out:, and

Northern Art Carbooty Seller / Maker: Scarab Boutique 

Selling / Making: Scarab boutique is a beautiful project where they invite you the public to bring along old clothes which you would like to donate, take them off your hands but more over listen to your stories about the item - where you got it, what it meant to you - stitch the story into the item for the next owner of it to find! 

So if you have items that have particular memories of significance or with particular stories behind them then please please please bring them along on the day! 

A word from Scarab ‘We want to give old clothes a new life.We’re setting up a mobile boutique that will be selling second hand and upcycled clothes, but with a twist. Many of these clothes will be your old clothes, ones with sentimental value or stories attached. We believe their histories are interesting and important. We take donated items, listen to their stories and write them on the tags for the next owner to read.’ 


For more information check out: 

or follow on @ScarabBoutique 

Northern Carbooty seller: Taneesha Ahmed performs… ‘Fruits of her Labour’ 

About the seller: Fruits of Her Labour, 2014

Taneesha Ahmed is an artist and curator based in Manchester. Currently investigating labour, precariousness, exploitation and globalisation, her artwork is often resolved as performances, moving image and participatory acts. 

The work that she will undertake at Carbooty, is direct reference to the twenty-eight Bengali migrant strawberry pickers who were shot repeatedly by their Greek employers after they demanded the six months of wage owed to them. Whilst highlighting the volatile working conditions and exploitation of migrant workers in recession hit Greece, it simultaneously focuses on the fragile market economy and the food trade within the European Union.

Selling: Part performance, part market stall; the art- work on sale is the chance to participate in a staged shooting of the artist and purchase the sweet (strawberry) fruits of her labour.

Price range: fruity goody / performance participation £3- £5 

For more info about Taneesha’s work check out: