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Spooky Carbooty Performer: DUB VAMPIRE

Performing: Accoustic courtyard set for your spooky pleasure

Time: 4pm - 4.45pm 

Carbooty is delighted to announce the return of the Dub Vampire for a live set to end the Spooky Carbooty event in style. Dub Vampire will be setting up next to the appropriately appearing hearse! 

One not to miss! To find out more about Dub Vampire’s sound check out:

Spooky Carbooty Seller: The Bitchuationist (Ali Matthews) 

Selling: ‘I am a Performance artist who sells funky clothes for cash’

Price range: £1 - £10 

For more information on this funky seller check out:


Spooky Carbooty Seller: Hot Bed Press

Selling: Taking over two stall spots Hot Bed Press will be selling prints from their members and our 20:20 print exchange, a selection of aprons, bags and specially designed cards.

Hot Bed Press is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing printmaking facilites and workshops to support artists and printmakers throughout the UK. We are the largest open access print workshop in the region and currently have 230 members. Our spacious facilities, situated in an old Victorian warehouse, include a screenprint area equipped with 7 screen beds, an etching facility now boasting 5 etching presses, an aquatint room, nitric and ferric etching booths, and a letterpress/relief print area with 2 Albion presses, a Columbian and various Adanas and nipping presses. 

We are open 5 days a week, plus Thursday evenings and the last Saturday of every month, with technical support on hand from our Technician and Studio Volunteers who help keep the place running smoothly.

Price range:

£5 - £50

For more info check out:

Or follow on @HotBedPress

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Hannah Shkandrij

Selling: Jewellery, Handmade leather bags, Clothing (scarfs, 

skirts, dresses)

Price range: £5- £40 

For more info check out or follow on instagram at http://www.instagram/mons_jewellery 

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Elements of Being

Selling: homemade herbal healthcare products and original fine art prints.

Price range: £1 - £10 

For more information check out: and 


Spooky Carbooty Seller: Jake K Newton

Selling: Printmade artwork. relief printing on to paper. Framed prints. Tees, jumpers, aprons and tote bags! 

Price range: £3.50 - £40

 For more info check out: and



Spooky Carbooty Seller: Liz Sullivan

Selling: Vintage miscellany, handmade decorative items, photography

Price range: £1 - £50 

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Koala Kitsch Boutique

Selling: Unique Accessories and create Hand-Made Jewellery and Custom-Made Charm Necklaces and Bracelets 

Price range: £3-£15

Find out more:

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Sarah Gee Cakes 

Selling: Devilishly delicious treats, creepy cookies and spooky sponges! 

Price range: £1 - £3 

To find out more about Gee’s wonderful sweet delights check out via twitter @Suzie__Gee or her partner in crime @hannah_louise_t

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Sara Yelo 

Selling: I hand-make sustainably designed accessories from embroidered textiles with vintage fabrics and zips, to re-made necklaces. Every piece is unique and made in Manchester.

Price range: £5 - £16

For more info on Sara’s stall check out: instagram: ssarayelo


Spooky Carbooty Seller: Hanny Creative Jewellery

Selling: A lovely range of handmade jewellery

Price range: £2 - £10

For more info about this stall check out:

or follow on:

 Twitter @hannycreative

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Mojo Vintage

Selling: Vintage clothing, costume jewellery, bric a brac and some more modern bits from my own wardrobe!

Price range: £3 - £30 

For more info about Mojo Vintage check out:

Spooky Carbooty Sellers: Coffee Cranks coop 

Selling: a lovely range of hot teas, coffees and snacks! 

For more information about Coffee Crank and what they are all about check their website at or follow them on twitter @CoffeeCranks

Spooky Carbooty Sellers: The Scarab Boutique 

Selling: ‘We sell second hand clothes with stories!

We believe in keeping the social lives of our clothes alive, so on the tags of the clothes you can read a tale, anecdote or snippet about the previous owner of the item.’ 

Price range: £3 - £35 

For more information check out:

Or follow on @ScarabBoutique 

Spooky Carbooty Seller: Luke McConkey

Selling: limited edition prints both framed and unframed with some greetings cards/postcards and some paintings

Price range: £1 - £50 (with some original paintings up to £80 on display)

For more information about Luke check out: